Residents will be hitting the polls on Monday (Oct.18) to vote on who will be representing their community.
Voting stations will open at 9 a.m. and will remain open until 8 p.m. When the voting station is declared closed, anyone in the voting station can still cast their vote, but no outside will be allowed in.
People can vote at the Normandy Room, Win Ferguson School or Dow Centennial Centre, depending on their address. Masks will be mandatory when entering the buildings. You can find your voting station here.
Fort Sask Transit will be free on Monday to make it easier for people to get out and vote. Routes to your polling station can be found here.
Anyone who arrives at a voting station to vote must verify their eligibility by completing a Voter Registration Form. You are eligible to vote if you are over 18, a Canadian citizen, and a resident of Fort Saskatchewan on Election Day.
Voters can verify their eligibility with any of the following documents so long as they include your name and address:
- Photo identification issued by a Canadian government or agency, whether federal, provincial or local
- Bank/credit card statement or personal cheque
- Correspondence issued by a school, college or university
- Government cheque or cheque stub
- Income/property tax assessment notice
- Insurance policy or coverage card
- Letter from a public curator, public guardian or public trustee
- Pension Plan statement of benefits, contributions or participation
- Residential lease or mortgage statement
- Statement of government benefits: e.g. employment insurance, old-age security, social assistance, disability support, or child tax benefit
- Utility bill: e.g. phone, public utilities commission, television, electricity, gas or water
- Vehicle ownership, registration or insurance certificate
A letter or form confirming that the person lives at the stated address can also be used as long as it is signed by one of the following:
- Authorized representative of a commercial property management company
- Authorized representative of a correctional institution
- Authorized representative of a First Nations band or reserve
- Authorized representative of a post-secondary institution
- Authorized representative of a facility that provides services to the homeless; or authorized representative of a supportive living facility or treatment centre.
The candidates running for mayor are:
- Gale Katchur
- Deanna Lennox

The candidates running for city councillor are:
- Jibs Abitoye
- Birgit Blizzard
- Mike Ferris
- Frank Garritsen
- Gordon Harris
- Brian Kelly
- Michelle Kyle
- Lisa Makin
- Stuart McGowan
- Patrick Noyen
- Greg Richardson
- Charles Simpson
- Dennis Thompson
On top of selecting the candidates for city council, residents will also be voting for a few other items on the ballot: school trustees, the senate, equalization payments and daylight savings time.