Some changes have been made to Sturgeon County's drinking water. 

EPCOR recently announced that they have started adding orthophosphate to the county's drinking water. 

Orthophosphate, more commonly known as phosphate, is a salt that acts as a protective coating and is used to reduce the amount of lead in drinking water. 

"While there isn’t lead in the water when it leaves EPCOR’s treatment plant, lead can get into the drinking water through lead pipes and other household plumbing fixtures," said the county in a release earlier this week. 

"Orthophosphate forms a protective coating inside water lines, and on fixtures which helps prevent lead from releasing into the water that flows through the pipes." 

The change should not be noticeable to residents as orthophosphate is considered to be tasteless, odourless, and, most importantly, safe for consumption. 

"Phosphate is found naturally in foods like bread, cheese, fruits, and nuts. It’s also a common additive in beverages." 

The use of the salt is approved for use by Alberta Health. 

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