Despite some snowfall this week, it doesn't appear the region will be too affected by it. 

Environment Canada says that while the forecast is calling for snowfall almost every day this week, it won't accumulate enough to cause any significant problems. 

"We haven't seen any real significant snowfalls in central Alberta so far this week," said Kyle Fougere with Environment Canada. "It's mostly just been continuous light snow and that's pretty much the story for the next couple of days." 

"No real significant accumulations are expected." 

It's expected to snow a bit more on Wednesday (Feb. 1) and then continue on into Thursday, but Fougere says that he only expects a grand total of five centimetres to fall. 

There are still some things to be aware of with the snowfall. 

"We did have such a mild January that if you are going to be out travelling, we suggest driving to the conditions, which tend to be worse with this light snow," said Fougere. 

There is also some good news regarding the temperature in the coming days. 

"When we have this cloud cover and light snow it keeps us from losing all the heat from the atmosphere," said Fougere. "As soon as it gets clear is when we will have the coldest nights." 

"For now, it's a bit of a good news story." 

Adding to that good news, daytime highs going into the weekend are expected to be close to the freezing point. 

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