Hello I am Emerson Mercer,

 Here are some fun, cool programs and things to do at the Boys and Girls Club of Fort Saskatchewan.

In grade six and seven I went to the Boys and Girls Club. It was really fun because almost daily you could go into the gym and play sports like hockey, basketball, soccer, football; also non- sport related activities like parachute or obstacle coarses.  They also have a rock climbing that is indoors and goes from floor to the roof.  On the days you couldn’t go into the gym, you could still go onto the computers to do homework or play games.

The Before and After school program is offered in the winter. Breakfast is served every day for the kids who show up at the club between 6 and 7:30am and who've signed up for the program.  The meals are always different.  Bussing to and from school is offered. You also get a snack after school and then go onto the computers or go intot he gym and have some fun or climb the rock wall. There is a summer program where you can hang out at the club over the summer holidays, this requires pre registration.

There are many different programs offered at the Boys and Girls Club including “Become Awesome At...” in this program they have 8 different categories such as, golf, outdoor survival skills, master chef, art, and dancing to name a few, each category is different and fun!  Youth Night happens every Wednesday and Thursday early evenings and is for youth grades 5 and up.

At the Club you can also go on overnight and daily trips that are really fun. I remember going to Kananaskis for an overnight trip a couple of years ago. On the trip we went white water rafting, zip lining, horseback riding, and a high ropes course.  All of the day and overnight trips have already been filled up for the summer but next summer you can definitely get involved.

Right now I am in a program called the Youth Employment Program. In this program you and nine others are placed at a local business that allows one or two kids to come and work there. Before we started our jobs that we were assigned to, we have a interview to see who gets into the program.  Then on the first week we went to Careers Under Construction and made resumes, practice interview skills, and explored future education, careers, and life goals, all while making some money.

-Emerson Mercer

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