Mix 107.9 Morning Morning, Andrew Nakonechny, with Executive Director of NR CAER, Brenda Gheran. Photo By Mike LeBlanc
Wednesday Night the community of Gibbons hosted their Meet the Community Night at Landing Trail School and we were on location for the fun.

We were broadcasting with Northeast Region CAER and Life in the Heartland, providing very useful information about industry safety, emergency preparedness and where to get information.

We asked a lot families if they were prepared in case of an emergency.  The frequent answer was, "Probably not prepared enough" and I'm in that category as well.

There are simple ways to start getting you and your family prepared. 

--Have water and canned food stored.

--Have a can opener with your canned food.

--Have cash on hand.  Too often we rely just on credit and debit cards that it's a good idea to keep some cash on hand.

You can find more helpful tips at www.lifeintheheartland.com and www.nrcaer.com

Also NR CAER has helpful videos on youtube: