Elk Island Public Schools held their Remembrance Day services this week, as next week is Fall Break.  The students and staff at Fort High held their service on Friday, November 6th with community members, an RCMP officer and a Veteran on hand.

Sargent Kevin Moore was one of the scheduled speakers.  His speech included notes on how much the forces have changed, including their presence on social media.  He mentioned that the faces of Veterans are changing, as the last remaining war heroes from earlier wars pass away and current wars continue, which brings forth new generations of soldiers.  He also brought a film to show to the assembly.  He delivered a moving story on what the day means for him.  His Remembrance Day is not to reflect on the combat, but on humanity and those who choose to positively press on. 

The students delivered speeches, poems, a beautiful song and laid a wreath.  Fort High did an excellent job on marking the day and the students were very respectful. 

You can find more information on community services on fortsaskonline.com