Elk Island Public Schools held their Board Meeting on October 22nd.

Good news has come back from last year's provincial tests.  The Alberta Education Diploma Exam results for Grade 12's were: 91% of the division's marks were higher than the provincial averages, while the Provincial Achievement Tests results for Grades 6 and 9 showed: 92% of the division were higher than the provincial average.

The School Board is very pleased with the overall results.  Mix 107 spoke to Harvey Stadnick, Board Vice Chair for Elk Island Public Schools and he mentioned that the individual schools will have a chance to present their school results to the Board in November.  This will give the schools a chance to talk about strengths and weaknesses and their upcoming education plans.

Stadnick commented on the testing system change, which moved the Grade 3's into completing the new Student Learning Achievement Test (SLA) two years ago. It was originally intended that Grade 6 would also switch to this mode, however, there is still more fine tuning required at the Grade 3 level before successful expansion can be looked at.

Other highlights from the meeting minutes include:

A modular request has been put forth for five new modular units and 10 replacement units for the upcoming school year.

The current school year enrolment is up 178 students from last year, with a total of 16, 866 in the division.

Complete meeting minutes can be found here.