Visitation numbers at Elk Island National Park (EINP) are down this summer compared to last year.

According to EINP:

  • May of 2021 - 67,459 visitors
  • May of 2022 - 47,219 visitors
  • June of 2021 - 57,588 visitors
  • June of 2022 - 46,102 visitors 

“We think potentially that's just because of easing restrictions. Local visitors are starting to look elsewhere to travel and explore,” said Sarah Rymer, a communications officer with the nearby national park. 

Rymer added that the drop in attendance could also be due to the rainier weather conditions this year on the weekends compared to last. 

“We are really pleased that visitation is still strong in light of a slight dip this year. With more visitors [when it's busier], it means more traffic and more vehicle congestion.”

Elk Island National Park encourages visitors to come early in the morning to beat the summer peak rush. 

Ahead of the long weekend, people are encouraged to check their website for any updates to busier areas of the park.