The Food Bank received donations on friday from a food drive at Win Ferguson Elementary put together by two girls in Grade 5.

10 year old Calley Miscich says she and Keanna Denis went to every classroom and dropped off two or three donation boxes.

The two also gave away a stuffed toy dog to one of the students who donated!

Calley says she really likes helping people out in the community as some don't have food.

Keanna says they both came up with the idea because some people are suffering without food.

Keanna says some brought candy because some people don't have any.

Keanna adds other items donated were kraft dinner, popcorn, rice krispy squares, many different kinds of soup, drinks like juice boxes, granola bars and other healthy foods.

The winner of the stuffed animal was in Kindergarten.

Keanna was surprised and happy because she says Kindergartners never win anything.