Canadians can expect a warm winter season and less precipitation later this year as the effects of El Nino will be felt in Canada.  Weather experts say this El Nino could be among the strongest El Ninos on record, dating back to 1950.

According to Environment Canada's Warning Preparedness Meteorologist Brian Proctor, " In general terms it's been quite a warm month, and a very dry month if we compare it to the last 30 years." Proctor went on to say in regards to November, December and January, residents can expect a dryer then normal winter as well as a much warmer than normal temperatures.

It is unlikely that February will turn as cold as it did this past winters, but below-seasonal temperatures are expected to dominate the month. Colder temperatures will also be experienced at times across Western Canada, but above-seasonal temperatures will continue to be the dominant weather pattern in Alberta.