Edmonton Police (EPS) is warning drivers about an uptick in vehicle thefts targeting Land Rovers. 

There have been six recent thefts including these vehicles. It seems as though thieves are specifically targeting 2017 to 2021 editions of the following models: 

  • Discovery
  • Range Rover
  • Sport

According to police, it appears that the people stealing these vehicles are using sophisticated technology to bypass anti-theft systems. 

"We want vehicle owners to be aware of this so they can take extra precautions to protect their vehicles from theft,” said Jon Benson, the acting sergeant of the EPS Targeted Response to Auto-theft Prevention (TRAP) team. 

Police suggest parking in a secure, well-lit place. Busy areas also make it harder for theft to occur. Removing all valuables from the vehicle before leaving would also help in deterring potential thieves. 

Additional measures that police suggest include installing a steering-wheel lock or an aftermarket GPS. 

If anyone has information on these thefts they are asked to contact EPS at 780-423-4567