Edmonton Police Service (EPS) has arrested a man in relation to a scam targeting seniors. 

In March, the EPS started an investigation into multiple frauds that were occurring around the Edmonton area targeting senior citizens. On Monday (Sept. 19), EPS arrested 30-year-old Lucas Kopijewski.

Police say Kopijewski's "grandparent scam" involved calling a senior pretending to be their grandchild. The impersonator claims they are in police custody and need money. The victim is ordered not to speak to anyone about their grandchild. Using a malicious mix of fear and urgency, funds are provided to the imposters via cash or credit card.

EPS Detective Pierre Lemire says that these incidents occur all across Canada.

“There have been over 36 complainants in the Edmonton area since March of 2022 and there are new complainants being identified every week."

Kopijewski was charged with six counts of fraud over $5,000.