Elk Island Catholic Schools and Elk Island Public Schools held their Remembrance Day ceremonies today (Nov. 4).

The ceremonies, both in-person and virtual, featured slideshows and speakers who talked about their experiences in the military.

At Saint John Paul II in Fort Saskatchewan, they had armed forces members, RCMP officers, and even Mayor Gale Katchur in attendance.

The ceremony was planned by fifth grade teacher Michelle Ethier.

"I often have a lot of things from previous years that I put together," Ethier said. 

The students arrived for the ceremony and placed a poppy on their war mural. The ceremony began with 'O' Canada' sung in eleven different languages.

Students also wrote letters to soldiers.

"What I do is I mail out all these letters to military bases across the world," Ethier said. "We've even had a response back from some of the officers in past years. The letters actually do reach them, and they enjoy reading it."

"It was just amazing to see the community come together."