An educational drone camp for Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) students took place at Bev Facey Community High.

On Apr. 30 and May 1, EIPS teamed up with Volatus Aerospace to teach 20 Grade 9-12 students five modules of drone technology.  

The modules included safety, piloting skills, a racing experience, photography/videography and coding.

“It was an eye-opening experience to see all the real-world applications drones have," said Chloe Wagner, a Grade 10 student at Bev Facey Community High.

Drone technology is widely utilised in industries such as construction, pipelines, farming, and mining. By 2025, the agriculture drone segment is forecasted to account for up to 80 per cent of the total commercial drone market, according to an Ipsos report.

“Drones are having a huge impact on society and the economy. [With] the way things are done, especially outdoors and the way things in the future are going to be done, they really need to be integrated into the education system, I believe,” said Matthew Johnson, vice president at Volatus Aerospace for education and agricultural programming.

At the camp, certified drone pilot instructors showed students the pros and cons of drone operation.

“There is so many aspects of the technology that are budding with opportunity. That's one of the biggest things in our camp is we try to inspire youth to explore it as a future opportunity," explained Johnson.

Purchasing a drone in Alberta has become more accessible in recent years. Still, all drone owners must read up on the legal implication of operating these devices before taking flight.