The Dow Centennial Centre (DCC) had an interesting activity over the Easter long weekend - rollerblading.

On Friday (Apr. 7) and Monday (Apr. 10), the DCC was open in the evening for all ages to bring their own rollerblades or roller skates and take a few trips around the dry rink.

"Once the ice came out and we had the dry pad, we wanted to offer something for the kids over their spring break," said Stacey Clements, services coordinator at the DCC.

The event was received well, with around seven kids at the event each night. Roller rinks were popular during the 1980s, so the event had a disco aesthetic.

"We had a disco ball and a little photo booth area where they took pictures," said Clements. "I think they had some 80s tunes playing, so it was good."

Clements hopes the DCC can put it on again next year.

"When the ice comes out and we have the dry pad available, I'm pretty sure that we'd like to offer it again."

Vikki Delorey, the program coordinator at the DCC, came up with the idea for the event.