Don Chandler has been a fixture in the Salisbury Composite High School (SCHS) community for over 20 years.

Chandler graduated from SCHS in 1992 and then returned in 2001 to take a full-time position teaching mathematics.

Teaching wasn't always his plan. Chandler originally wanted to get into accounting and graduated with a bachelor of science, specializing in math and finance. He worked for a bank before realizing he was not fully content.

“The best part of my day was when I could teach clients about their finances - how to invest, how to save. But that wasn’t what I spent most of my time doing,” explained Chandler.

Chandler's wife, who has an education degree, inspired him to make the change into something he would find more rewarding. 

“It is one giant community. There is something for everyone at this building. No matter what you enjoy doing you will find someone else who also enjoys it.”

As a student, he shared that his favourite memories were going on band and basketball trips. 

He said the most rewarding part as a teacher is seeing new waves of students experiencing the same cherished memories. He encourages all students to make the most of high school by getting involved in any way they can. 

“[Elk Island Public Schools] is just a bigger example of Salisbury. One big community where we are all in it together.”

Chandler's wife has been at Greenfield Elementary in Edmonton for over 10 years.

“I am extremely happy where I am. I can’t see myself anywhere else.”