Strathcona County officials are asking pet owners to keep their dog parks clean. 
According to Heather Teghtmeyer, community liaison officer with the county, litter in dog parks has caused some issues with pet health.
"We've had some feedback from the public. What the dog owners have been telling us is that their dogs are getting quite sick when they're eating the litter and the trash that's on the ground," she explained. "We encourage people to, if they have garbage on them, pack it away with them so that they can throw it away the next time they run into that garbage receptacle."
When taking pets to the dog park, it's the responsibility of owners to pick up after their pets and themselves as well as to make sure their animals aren't getting into anything dangerous.
Teghtmeyer added, people can help by picking up any litter they see, regardless of whether it's theirs. 
Not only is a sick pet an emotional ordeal, but it's also "hard on the pocket-book."
"If we can just take a moment and think about what we're doing with our garbage, it's going to make the dog park just a better place for everyone."