A Josephburg family found their dog after 70 hours of searching, and they found her in the strangest of places.

On Monday (Jan. 2), Rebekka Clarke took Shadoe and her two other dogs to the backyard of their four-acre property. When she called them back in, only the two other dogs returned.

"Rebekka heard some snowmobiles and heard some barking, so she went looking for Shadoe and couldn't find her anywhere, so she thought Shadoe took after the Skidoos."

Once they realized that Shadoe wouldn't return, Rebekka and her mom, Ria, began reaching out to local Facebook groups and neighbours to spread the word about the dog's disappearance.

The next morning, one of Ria's neighbours mentioned hearing a dog barking in the woods when he took his own dogs out. He also thought he had seen Shadoe hidden in the tree line.

On Wednesday, the day after, Rebekka noticed dog tracks near their septic runoff.

"That's not normal, we don't usually see anything out there because it's the septic runoff," Ria said.

After taking Shadoe's three-year-old puppy Indy to search, the dog took them straight to Shadoe. At this point, she had been missing for just under three days.

Turns out Shadoe had fallen eight feet through a well. Ria was not aware there was a well that close to their property. 

"It was this hole with a piece of plywood and a bunch of wood and barbed wire piled on top of it."

Ria called their local fire department, who used a ladder and a sling to get Shadoe out of the well.

Miraculously, the dog was unharmed.

"No broken bones, no scratches, no scrapes, no anything. Just very dirty, very tired, and sore."

As for the well, Ria hopes to have it filled as soon as possible.

"I thank everybody for keeping their eyes open, because she means an awful lot to us. Without everyone watching, driving around looking for her, I feel very loved. I'm glad to be home."