Are Fort Saskatchewan residents getting a good deal on gas? 

The Alberta government recently suspended the provincial fuel tax and touted that people could save up to 13 cents per litre at the gas tanks. 

Fort Saskatchewan gas prices have seemingly been affected, moving from an average of $1.23 a litre before Christmas to an average of $1.18 per litre in early January. 

So, how do these prices stack up as compared to others? 

According to on Jan. 3, the average cost of gas in Alberta is $1.27 per litre. That's almost 20 cents less than the next cheapest province. 

Here is a closer look at the average cost of gas for all the provinces, from cheapest to most expensive:

Alberta: $1.27 per litre.

Saskatchewan: $1.44 per litre.

Ontario: $1.46 per litre.

Manitoba: $1.47 per litre.

Nova Scotia: $1.48 per litre.

New Brunswick: $1.56 per litre.

Quebec: $1.56 per litre.

Prince Edward Island: $1.57 per litre.

Newfoundland: $1.62 per litre.

British Columbia: $1.63 per litre.

The average cost throughout the entire country is $1.47 per litre.