The property manager of the Morinville Plaza Hotel and Suites has provided a few more details regarding the fire that occurred last month. 

Alan Durston, with Durston Properties, told that no definitive cause of the fire has been determined, but that it did start in one of the units. 

Damage to the hotel section of the property was so severe that there are plans to have that side demolished. It is too early in the process to determine whether or not the hotel portion will be rebuilt. 

On the commercial side, businesses in the building did not suffer significant damage. The businesses have been closed since the fire occurred but expect to reopen once the utilities are inspected in the next couple of weeks. Specifically, they are waiting for the gas line to be checked. 

At the moment, the building is without heat, but temporary heaters are in place to ensure that water lines don't freeze. 

Durston wants to thank the community for their steadfast support for the people who were displaced by the fire.