The defence has wrapped up its case in a Fort Saskatchewan murder trial.

Damien Starrett is accused of killing his one-year-old son Ares and assaulting his five-year-old daughter back in 2019. He is currently facing second-degree murder charges.

He claims he was asleep when he attacked his children. As such, the defence is pursuing a 'not criminally responsible' action which could result in Starrett being sent to a psychiatric hospital instead of being criminally convicted.

The defence's case mainly brought in various doctors to talk about Starrett's medical history. Dr. Colin Shapiro, a sleep specialist, believes Starrett was suffering from parasomnia when his son was killed.

Starrett also testified for three days to explain from his perspective what happened.

The Crown and defence are expected to give their closing arguments on Apr.22. A date was not given for when a verdict will be reached.