Dust off that winter gear, you're going to need it this weekend. 

Fort Saskatchewan appears to be entering its first major deep freeze of the winter starting on Saturday (Nov. 5) night. 

Temperatures to start the weekend won't be too bad, with Saturday's high reaching -4 C, but things take a turn that night when it plummets to a low of -15 C. 

"A powerful low-pressure system is going to form over the province starting [Saturday] morning and that's going to spread an area of snow through Edmonton and the Fort Sask area," said Sara Hoffman, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. "This system is going to suck down some cooler than normal air from the north over the province." 

"We're looking at temperatures 10 degrees below normal for the next week." 

The cold weather will linger on going into next week where the weekly high is forecasted to be -8 C on Thursday (Nov. 10) and the weekly low is a frigid -20 C on Tuesday (Nov. 8) night. 

Don't think this is a one-week event. Hoffman says to buckle in. 

"I have some pretty bad news," said Hoffman. "We are looking at two weeks in a row of below-normal temperatures." 

That cold temperature is also expected to bring about periods of heavy snowfall. Hoffman emphasizes Saturday as being especially treacherous. 

"This system is going to be quite potent and fast-moving," said Hoffman. "There is a possibility of the Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan area seeing some accumulating snow around the five to 10 centimetres mark." 

"Also, some periods of poor visibility and drifting and blowing snow on Saturday morning into the afternoon. If you have travel plans, check the highway conditions before you head out on the road." 

A reminder of some ways to beat the cold. Make sure you ensure your car is plugged in and have suitable winter tires. 

Dressing appropriately for the weather is essential for staying safe during extreme temperatures. 

It's also important to think about your pets during the cold weather. 

"If it's too cold for you outside, it's too cold for your pets," said Hoffman. 

As for snow during the weather system, don't be surprised to see bouts of snowfall hit the region over the course of the next two weeks.