The continuous freeze-thaw weather has created a big problem in Fort Saskatchewan.

With the snow melting and then freezing several times this winter, sidewalks and parking lots around the city are dangerously icy in some spots.

"We've sent officers out, and we've kind of identified that it's not just certain streets, it's actually all of Fort Saskatchewan, which is definitely a concern for everybody," said Enforcement Services officer Dereck Cummings.

Enforcement Services has gotten thousands of calls and complaints from residents that are slipping and sliding. One child near SouthPointe School recently had to be taken to the hospital after a bad fall.

Cummings warns everyone to be extra cautious when walking outside right now. The city also asks residents to use snowmelt or sand or chip away at some of the ice around their properties to help.

"These are just great concerns that we want to make sure that all the residents are aware of. Even if we were to have everybody address their ice today, it's going to melt again during the day because of the large amount of snow, it's going to freeze up overnight, and it's going to just be a compounded issue day after day."

Residents are advised to take small steps and 'walk like a penguin' to help prevent falls. Ice cleats are also suggested.

In Fort Saskatchewan, residents are required to clear their sidewalks within two days of snowfall -- businesses have 24 hours.