Dan Deck has been elected as mayor of Gibbons for a second time.
The long-time Sturgeon County resident won the mayoral race with 488 votes, compared to Kendra Ball's 282 votes.
"I want to thank the people of Gibbons for giving me this opportunity to represent them in the town again. It's a great honour and a privilege to be re-elected as mayor."
Five out of six incumbent councillors were re-elected; Loraine Berry, Amber Harris, Darren McCann, Jaycinth Julian Millante and Norman Sandahl. Newcomer Willis Kozak was also elected to council.
Deck said he is looking forward to getting to know Kozak and working with the councillors he has known for the last four years.
"I think that council is going to be a cohesive unit that's going to work hard together," he stated.
There are a number of ongoing projects in Gibbons that Deck is looking forward to making more progress on, including building a trail system in town, building relationships with their municipal and industry partners, and attracting more businesses.
They recently brought in a Dairy Queen to the town, which created 35 jobs for the younger people in the community.
"We just want to keep our focus on our models rooted in family, and that's really what we want to be as a community. So any development we do look at is going to be looked at really hard to make sure it fits what we want for the vision of Gibbons, and the fact that we want families to come here and live here, stay here."
He gave kudos to everyone that put their name forward in the election and thanked the town staff for their hard work counting the ballots.