Bruderheim council had lots of questions for a Canadian Pacific (CP) Railway representative.
CP Railway director of government affairs director, Mike LoVecchio paid a visit to Bruerheim’s new council at their Wednesday Council meeting (Jan.17).
LoVecchio presented a variety of information and updates to council and in turn, they had questions to ask.
“We inquired if there’s new technology coming so that they don’t have to blow the horn 500 ft. Away from a crossing, maybe they could have a device where they press a button and the horn at the crossing goes off instead of through the entire town,” said Bruderheim mayor Karl Hauch.
An improvement like that is yet to come in the future, added Hauch.
Council also took the opportunity to ask LoVecchio, what determines the length of a train? And are trains getting longer?
“And yes train companies looking to become more efficient are making trains longer,” Hauch continued.
LoVecchio's presentation included safety, innovations, technological improvements, who owns a train, a track and the product, along with their emergency response capabilities.