Megan Rabideau is asking residents to keep a close eye on their pets.
Rabideau told MIX 107 her parent's dog was attacked by a coyote recently in a well-lit backyard. She said Max, a 12-year-old Pomeranian, went for a late-night bathroom break when a coyote hopped the fence and killed the dog.
"All she [Rabideau's mom] heard was a 'yelp' from around the corner of her house. She and my dad got up as quickly as they could to go see what happened but he was gone."
Rabideau's parents live in the Bridgeview neighbourhood of Fort Saskatchewan.
In a post she shared on Facebook, other concerned residents shared experiences of close calls with coyotes in the city.
"I just wanted to share some awareness. I know how devastated my parents are right now and I would hate to see that happen to anyone else."
In November, a video went viral when a coyote in Fort Saskatchewan scaled a large fence with ease.

"To lose a pet that way is so sudden and so harsh," she added.
Rabideau's Facebook post can be seen below.