Tonight, December 8th, City Council will be a busy one seeing as this is the night for budget approval. First on the agenda is Matthew Siddons who will be presenting the Bylaw C22-15.  This is an Amended Land Use Bylaw C10-13 in other words the Indoor and Outdoor Recreation Facilities in Commercial Districts. Bylaw C22-15 was given first reading at the November 24th, regular Council meeting. Recently an application was brought to Administration’s attention of three items in the Land Use Bylaw regarding indoor recreation centres and outdoor recreation centers. Bylaw C22-15 corrects those items to ensure the regulations are effective and in line with other municipalities. Siddons will follow with the second and third readings of the Bylaw and business arising from Public Hearing.
Jeremy Emann will address council about unfinished business in regards to the 2016 Budget Adoption. Council is asked to approve the 2016 Operating Budget dated December 8,creating a total   operating revenues and income at $72,295,874. As well as Council adopt the 2016 Capital Budget establishing total capital revenues and income at $13,253,500 and that Council adopt the Fort Saskatchewan Public Library’s 2016 Operating and Capital Budget, establishing total revenues and income at $1,250,195.

Brenda Molter will be following Emann and speaking to council about the Public at Large Appointments which is  for Council approval as recommended by the Application Review Committee for terms starting on January 1, 2016. Molter will close with Bylaw C23-15, which is to establish 2016 fees, rates and charges for services, this is in its third readings.  Every year, administration reviews fees and charges from the previous year and recommends changes to Council during the budget process.

Susan Morrissey and Marshall Wight will be presenting Bylaw C24-15, Debenture Sewer Service Reline Construction this will be its 1st reading. This report is to present Council with information on Debenture Borrowing Bylaw C24-15 for the purpose of sewer service reline construction, and recommend that first reading of the bylaw be given.

Before adjourning the meeting councilor Arjun Randhawa will be setting forth a motion in regards to Condominium Waste Removal Charges. Back on November 10th local resident Ken French spoke with council in regards to Condo Owners are claiming they were over billed by the City of Fort Saskatchewan for waste removal. Council will vote on Randhawa's motion.

City Council kicks off at 6:00 pm at City Hall and everyone is encouraged to attend. Council meetings take place every second and fourth Tuesday of the month.