A community arterial route will receive new traffic calming measures. 

Greenfield Way, the main route through the Southfort Estates neighbourhood in Fort Saskatchewan, will soon see traffic calming measures, including raised crosswalks, flashing lights and bump-outs.

Traffic volume has increased significantly over the years as the residential area has developed. On Tuesday (Jul. 5), city council heard from area residents who were frustrated with the traffic volumes, speeding, and erratic driving. 

“Our street is used as a racetrack, a bypass road, and a detour road to avoid the traffic lights on Southfort,” said resident Vance Mauger. 

The speed limit on Greenfield Way recently dropped to 40 kilometres an hour, but Mauger claims he often sees people disregarding the signs.

“I’ve personally witnessed drivers going around the intersection of Dillingham Avenue and Greenfield Way sideways; drivers come onto our street to do donuts and burnouts. I have seen drivers doing well over 90 kilometres an hour on our streets. It’s not hard to tell who lives on Greenfield Way and who doesn’t.” 

Council approved $260,000 to be funded from the Capital Projects Infrastructure Reserve in order to implement traffic calming measures on Greenfield Way. 

The motion was carried unanimously.

There will also be the construction of a trail from Greenfield Link and Southfort Drive.