Fort Saskatchewan city council is continuing to look for an alternate water supply.

The city is currently part of the Capital Region Northeast Water Services Board, which provides water to Fort Saskatchewan, Strathcona County, Sturgeon County, Redwater, Gibbons, and Bon Accord.

Fort Saskatchewan consumes about 40 per cent of the total water but contributes 55 per cent of net water revenue, while the other members combined consume 22 per cent and contribute 30 per cent. The city also feels they have a lack of representation with the board.

As such, council decided to give the commission notice last year that they would be withdrawing in 10 years. This provides the city with time to find other sources or allow the commission to negotiate with them.

At the latest city council meeting, $500,000 was allocated from the utility reserve to fund a functional planning study to look for an alternate water source. The project is intended to determine how future water needs will be met as the population increases.

Two feasibility studies have already been completed, determining if the proposed project is possible. In this case, its considerations included hydraulic requirements and a ‘desktop’ study on potential alignments and constraints.

The functional planning study will do a more thorough analysis of the constraints and mitigation strategies, like environmental site assessments, geotechnical analysis and a review of regulatory requirements. This would complete about 20 per cent of the design work.