A major announcement was made Wednesday (Aug.21) in Fort Saskatchewan. 
City mayor Gale Katchur, Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville MLA Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk and Alberta's Minister of Transportation Ric McIver announced the contract was awarded for the twinning of the Highway 15 Bridge.
"Highway 15 is a key corridor for the residents and businesses of Fort Saskatchewan and throughout Alberta’s Industrial Heartland and twinning will reduce congestion, improve travel times and increase safety," said McIver. "This is very important to the future not only of the region, but all of our province and I dare say our country."
Despite all the excitement, the bridge portion of the project will still take another three years to complete (if done on time). 
The major construction of the Highway 15, 37 and 825 intersection is over a year behind schedule, with the province saying the completion date would be towards the end of the summer. McIver claimed it would be done by Dec.21. 
"I’m happy to see our government push forward with constructing essential projects in Fort Saskatchewan that will reduce congestion and improve travel times for people and businesses throughout the Industrial Heartland," Armstrong-Homeniuk said. 
With numerous serious and fatal collisions on the current bridge that was built in 1957, three more years of single lane traffic does bring on plenty of risk. 
"Everybody has to look after one another," Katchur mentioned. "It's better to take a moment longer, follow the speed limits, slow down, allow people to merge in and just make sure that everybody is safe."
Costs are expected to exceed $120-million for highway and bridge construction.