Fort Saskatchewan condo owners claim buildings with the less costly front load bin waste removal service were billed the same as properties with curb side collection from July 2012 until December 2014.

Condo Owners are claiming they were overbilled by the City of Fort Saskatchewan for waste removal.

Condo Association Board President, Bob Gallagher says last month they came to Council with their proposal to refund a portion of charges between July 2012 and December 2014.  Gallagher claims the City increased the garbage pickup for the bins by 300%.

Councillor Arjun Randhawa is set to put forward a motion at tonight's (Dec. 8/15) Council meeting.  Randhawa says "this motion is to get a report back from administration to give administration's view on this issue and where we can go from there."  Randhawa adds "if the residents had been overcharged, we need to know how it would be possible to pay those residents back."  Randhawa says "what the motion is doing is trying to find out what the concern and how to rectify the issue."  Randhawa explains "when you have a large of residents like this having legitimate concerns in my opinion of being overcharged, it's important Council finds out if the concerns are true and to find a solution."  Randhawa encourages everyone to contact the City or Council with your concerns about anything including snow removal or traffic.

If passed, the report would come back to Council on January 12th.