Community League is an organization in Gibbons where various community members are joining together to discuss the challenges with different organizations in the community.

The Community Services Director in Gibbons, Mike Dubreuil says that "In a community the size of gibbons, there is a limited amount of volunteers and a lot of times members of a community are on a number of different boards at the same time for different organizations". Furthermore, he discusses the challenges that different organizations are facing in the community, which includes volunteer recruitments, membership recruitments, and fundraising. Dubreuil adds that "The goal of the Community League is essentially to try and get these organizations to communicate and cooperate so that smaller organizations can work together in order to accomplish larger types of fundraising such as casinos and bingos so that they're pooling their resources in order to lighten the load for everybody".

Dubreuil states that "There has been two community league meetings so far, and approximately twenty percent of the local not-for-profits have signed to be a part of the organization and they're hoping for more".