Locals are mourning the passing of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96. 

Gale Katchur, mayor of Fort Saskatchewan passed on her condolences. 

“We have our deepest condolences for the Royal Family and everyone around the world,” said Katchur. “It’s a very sad day, we have already lowered our flags and will be following proper protocol.” 

Strathcona County mayor, Rod Frank, also put out a statement regarding the matter.

“Our thoughts are, of course, with the Royal Family and the loss they suffered,” said Frank. “Canada, being a member of the Commonwealth, we have always trusted and been thankful for the leadership of the Queen.” 

“She has been a symbol of stability for 70 years. We are deeply indebted to her.” 

There has also been a lot of reflection on the Queen’s legacy and impact on the area. 

Former city councilor Stew Hennig says he remembers the community's electric atmosphere leading up to Her Majesty’s visit in 1978. 

“It was excitement galore,” said Hennig. “Everyone that was going to be involved and or that was going to attend were just thrilled by the fact that the Queen was going to come to Fort Saskatchewan.” 

“It was amazing. A lot of folks worked on the plans putting things together so it would go off without a hitch and from everything I was told it was a fabulous visit.”  

The UK will enter a 12-day period of national mourning. Canada will also have a period of mourning that will be announced at a later date.