It looks like Colin Mochrie won't be coming to Sherwood Park for a while.

Festival Place was meant to host Mochrie, famous for his role on 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?', in late March as part of his 'HYPROV' tour. 

However, Festival Place announced that the show has been moved to mid-November.

Brett Fraser, the theatre supervisor, said it all came down to scheduling.

"Mochrie is doing some filming and taping for some broadcasts that will be going on over the summer," said Fraser. "So, he had to cancel multiple dates, including ours."

"It's nothing too mysterious, just that the star is in high demand still."

Those who bought tickets for the March show have been given the option to have their tickets refunded. Fraser said that about 80 per cent of those who bought tickets decided to keep them for the November show.

"We have no hesitation in thinking that the remaining tickets will be scooped right up," said Fraser.

Mochrie's show features a unique blend of hypnosis and improvisation in a 100-minute live show with hypnotist Asad Mecci.

If you're interested in seeing the show, you can purchase tickets on the Festival Place website.