The rollercoaster weather is set to take another dive into the negatives. 

As we creep into December, it appears that colder-than-usual temperatures could also creep into the forecast as early as this week. 

We've already seen some negative days in the low to mid-teens, but things are expected to ramp up. 

Danielle Desjardins with Environment Canada says that a cold snap will hit most of the prairies. 

"It does look like, for the next week and the bit, well-below-average," said Desjardins. "Right now, there are some models showing a little bit of a warmup next week." 

"Once you get that far out, things get a bit trickier, especially when you're forecasting the end of a cold snap like this, sometimes it could vary by a day or two." 

The base temperatures in Fort Saskatchewan for this week are expected to get as low as -26 C on Thursday night, but the real concern could be the wind. 

"We are expecting the windchills to be quite impactful," said Desjardins. "There will be a risk of frostbite and, depending on the windchill, that could only take minutes." 

It goes without saying that dressing appropriately for the cold is the best way to avoid frostbite. 

On top of the cold, more flurries and snowfalls are expected in the coming days.