Careers Under Construction held their first ever Women's Dress for Success Clothing Drive, in which they took in donations of gently used women's professional attire to help women succeed as they enter or re-enter the workforce.

From 4:30 - 7, people brought in donations for the event, where volunteers would sort and organize the clothing. All clothing donated will be going towards women who have joined and accessed a program at Careers Under Construction - Interview Skills Workshop, Job Placement Program, or CIT (GED) Program - who then will be able to "shop" for professional clothing from the rack.

2016 03 30 gale katchur careers under construction clothing drive

There was a great turnout for donations. Aimee Penny, Regional Manager for Careers Under Construction and Judy Hewer, Health and Safety Administrator with Access Pipeline, express their gratitude towards the community for helping to put together the event.

"The response was tremendous for such a short amount of time!" Hewer says,  "We got a lot of support from local businesses who have supported by donating hangers and boxes and food - I think the community has been fabulous."

For more information about the different programs at Careers Under Construction and how to join them, you can visit their Careers Under Construction Fort Saskatchewan Facebook page or their website at