A City of Fort Saskatchewan employee made a family's day. 

Keith Hart was out and about on Wednesday (May 25) when he paid a visit to Corrine Hill's two children playing in the yard.

Anna and Aaron are currently homeschooled and take breaks during the school day to get some fresh air, this is when Keith pulled up and began chatting with them about the work he was doing. 

He told them about the Fort Report program and encouraged them to report any issues they saw around the city.

Hart then returned to the home later with the gift of two hard hats for the children to wear.

"He came out of his way and came back to deliver the hat. That made it even more special for the kids because they weren't expecting anything," said Hill.

The Fort Report website allows you to request a service from the city and have them address it. You can attach pictures of an issue, select the category of the problem and give your contact information to resolve it.