The Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank (FSFB) took over 15,000 pounds of donations.

Last week, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints organized the City Wide Food Drive, where yellow bags were left outside residences. These bags were filled with non-perishables and picked up by volunteers on Saturday (Sept. 24). 

The food drive was a great success, with 15,168 pounds of donations counted so far.

A whopping 18,000 pounds of food was donated during 2021's food drive.

Although there were lower totals, executive director of the food bank Kassandra Gartner says this year was a success.

"We're still really happy with the results. We understand that this is a different year than last year. These [donations] will go a long way for filling our shelves."

Participation was strong, with almost every resident pitching in towards the food bank.

Many donations involved pasta, toilet paper, and healthy cereal; items that are in high demand at the food bank.

Although the drive is over, the FSFB is always looking for donations and volunteers. Those looking to lend a helping hand can reach out through the contact form on their website.