The City of Fort Saskatchewan has a warning for residents.

There have been numerous recent sightings of coyotes within the city, more so than usual this time of year. Five reports were sent to Fort Saskatchewan Municipal Services in the last week.

"We are seeing a bit more activity this year, for sure," said supervisor Lee Hardman, guessing the increase is caused by more people being out in the trails. "More activity is bound to happen when we have more people frequenting our trails in the river valley."

Coyotes are a natural pest, but Hardman explained they are important to the ecosystem in Fort Saskatchewan to ensure the number of rodents stays at an acceptable level. 

They are not aggressive by nature unless they feel threatened, but they can be unpredictable as they are wild animals. As such, municipal enforcement asks everyone to keep their distance and report any sightings.

Other advice from the city:

  • Do not feed the coyotes.
  • Secure garbage in a protected container with a lid.
  • Clean up fallen fruits and spoiled bird seeds, which can attract animals.
  • Keep pet food inside.
  • Do not leave dogs alone in the yard for long periods and have them on a leash when on walks.
  • Do not let cats go out roaming alone.