The City of Fort Saskatchewan is working to naturalize some green spaces in the area.

As part of their naturalization program, there are three areas that will no longer be mowed and turn into grassland.

Grassland is a large, innate, open area covered in grass -- these areas thrive best in prairie conditions that present mix of hot, dry and humid weather. 

“We chose those areas because they are near natural grasslands already and down in the river valley," explained Jenelle Hart, parks services manager in Fort Saskatchewan. "The grass base that is there will have a lot of native seed mix in it, and so it will be more successful at turning over.”

Those new sites can be seen along 112 St. and one area in Turner Park.

The City of Fort Saskatchewan spends approximately $235,000 per year on lawn mowing. In 2021, the city spent $228,000 on grass maintenance.

If residents are concerned about grass maintenance in the City of Fort Saskatchewan, it can be reported here.