The City of Fort Saskatchewan is contemplating closing a portion of River Road to vehicles.

If the plan goes through, River Road east of Turner Park campground would have vehicle access blocked. Pedestrians and cyclists could still access the road.

The idea of closing River Road came from the road being damaged by rain in 2017, which caused a part of the riverbank to slide away. In 2019, a water break was discovered on the road and part of the bank along the North Saskatchewan River began to slump.

The cost for repairs adds up to around $1.1 million. However, closing the road itself would prevent the need for repairs entirely.

Another reason could be speeding. Although the road only sees around 500 cars a day, Fort Saskatchewan's director of engineering Grant Schaffer says that almost every car goes faster than the 40 km/h speed limit.

The city decided to first speak with local industry and the operator of the Turner Park campground before making a decision.

City Council will announce their decision later this year.