October 27th saw Council back in Chambers for their regular council meeting. First on the agenda was Trina Scott who came forward on behalf of many Fort residents who had concerns with their water bills. Scott brought many concerns including monthly bills, investigating water anomalies in regards to high water consumption, disconnection and tenants being unable to access their accounts. After the 10 minute presentation by Scott, Council closed this part of the meeting under advisement. In regards to moving to monthly billing, The City wants to transition - however a number of steps are needed to ensure a smooth change. Those changes include replacement of 2,931 walking route meters with radio meters. Within the 2016 utility budget for Capital, there is a request to replace these meters in the next two years. The Finance department makes every effort to avoid disconnecting, including alternate payment option in certain situations, however halting disconnection notices will likely result in non payment affecting the cash flow for operations.

Second on the agenda was a presentation by Nadine Blaney from Fort Air Partnership. Blaney's presentations updated council about the new station being added to Gibbons along with mobile monitoring stations, as well as adding more air motoring stations.

Life in the Heartland's Vanessa Goodman was presenting updates to council as well. The update was on a formal phone survey of 400 people  that was conducted last June. The goal was to examine awareness and perception of industrial related topics.  Goodman compared results from a survey from 2011.  For the results of the survey click HERE.

Ian Grey closed out the meeting with the local transit pilot project final report and councilors were given three options. Grey's presentation outlined all options and costs of the project. Requests will be coming forward as part of the budget in regards to the three options given.

Next council meeting is scheduled for November 10th at 6:00 pm at City Hall.