2012 10 RCMPstation
Fort Saskatchewan RCMP Detachment. Photo By Andrew Nakonechny
If you're going through Christmas decorations,you can help Fort Saskatchewan Victim Services with new or unwanted Christmas Ornaments.  Stella, Marketing & Volunteer Manager, and Shirley, Victim Service Coordinator, are welcoming any donations of Christmas ornaments that will be used to decorate a Christmas tree for the Enchanted Forest at the Dow Centennial Centre.

Stella explained, "The reason we're involved is because we want the public to know about the services available to them, we want people to know about Victim Services so it's important for people to learn more about us."

Stella and Shirley are both hoping to receive a specific amount of unique ornaments to decorate their tree.

"503 Christmas ornaments would represent the 503 victims of crime and Trauma that Victim Services has helped last year" says Stella.

Any type of ornaments can be donated, there's no set requirement because Victim Services wants all the ornaments to be different just like the cases they handle. The tree will be on display starting December 4th at the Dow Centennial Centre and will be one of the trees residents can vote on. Ornaments can be dropped off at the Fort Saskatchewan RCMP detachment 9901 - 90 street between 8am and 7pm.

If you're looking for more information about Victim Services, they will have a new website in 2013 but anyone that is a victim of a crime can phone 780-992-6126.  Stella stated that People that are a victim of a crime have rights and Victim Services can help.

Shirley added, "Victim Services has been operating in Fort Saskatchewan since 1989 as a police based referral program and is a registered Charity that works with the RCMP."