Still looking to maximize your tax refund? 

The deadline to file your 2021 taxes is fast approaching; for parents still looking to make the most of their refunds, childcare expenses are a common but often underutilized claim. 

According to Jessica Harquail, a chartered professional accountant and partner with Givens LLP, babysitting is a childcare expense many parents don’t consider during tax time. 

One of those things is babysitting expenses; as explained by Harquail, not everything you want to claim has to come with a tax receipt. 

“Oftentimes, most people think the things you’re able to claim, you have to get a tax receipt for it. That’s not necessarily the case,” she explained. 

Harquail added that while it may feel odd, people claiming babysitting expenses should grab the babysitter’s social insurance number to legitimize their claim further. Typically, parents can receive up to $100 through babysitting claims. 

“$100 is $100,” she said. 

Another childcare-related expense that is often overlooked is summer camps. Camps with a childcare component, such as overnight stays, can also be claimed on your taxes. 

“It needs to be like a five-day camp where they’re there the whole day; there’s actual childcare.” 

For most people, the 2021 return has to be filed on or before Apr. 30 and payment are also due on the same day. Because the 30th falls on a Saturday, the Canada Revenue Agency will consider your payment or return on time if it is filed Monday.