The 3 Canadian Division Support Base (3 CDSB) is testing the waters.
During routine environmental monitoring work, poly- and perfluoroalkylated substances (PFAS) were found in soil, groundwater and surface water at 3 CDSB as well as in nearby wetlands. 
These are man-made chemicals that are used in a variety of consumer and industrial products, including firefighting foams. According to officials, this could have happened during training in the past when these foams were being used. Recently, they've been using water.
Now, testing has to be done to make sure near-by properties and wells haven't been contaminated as well.
"It is an emerging chemical that people are starting to become concerned about; specifically Health Canada," explained Captain Graham Kallos public affairs officer for 3 CDSB.
Right now, there is no evidence properties have been contaminated, but an investigation is on-going to determine whether testing should be done.
"There are currently no guidelines available to determine acceptable PFAS levels in crops and foods destined for human or animal consumption," he added. "As a precaution, we will be working with nearby property owners to determine whether they rely on private well water, how it is used, and if testing for PFAS is required."
Officials added to protect the privacy of residents, the area identified for the water survey will remain confidential.