In Canada, many police forces utilize the service of auxiliary constables with the role of auxiliary constables to assist regular, or sworn, police constables in their duties, as well as provide assistance. Auxiliary Constables wear similar uniforms as police constables however have the word "auxiliary" on the uniform, however they are not armed and very easily mistaken as regular officers. Auxiliary officers are often called upon to assist in such things as large scale searches for missing persons, to provide crowd control at large scale events, and often accompany regular police officers on daily patrols. That was until the week of January 30th. The changes are in the wake of the deadly shooting at the Apex Casino in St. Albert, the RCMP has discontinued its ride-along program. The decision is the biggest change out of many currently being discussed by the RCMP. Also under review are intervention tools, the letter stated that firearms training would be discontinued, as well as the auxiliary uniforms.

Auxiliary officer Neana Lintott says this came as a shock, but she saw it coming as provinces from around the country were taking auxiliaries out of cars. Lintott said they got a letter two weeks ago stating they couldn't do the general duty aspect of their role. Lintott went on to say they are in a grey zone because they are not really sure what they can do, although they know what they can not do. Auxiliary officers are able to put their uniform on to do school safety talks, or things where there's no enforcement involved. 

Lintott says the biggest challenge right now is finding their "niche" in the volunteering sector and officers are working with Ottawa and hopefully redefining their role. As for right not Lintott has put together a working group to direct their feelings and energy into moving forward. Lintott went on to say " If we cant undo whats done then lets be part of whats to come."