The town of Bruderheim has attracted 51 new residents since their last federal census in 2016.
"For a small community per capita, that's huge. I think it indicated that our town is moving in the right direction," said mayor Karl Hauch.
Bruderheim is now home to 1,359 residents.
"It's very important to recognize that there was a very committed group of hardworking people that made this census happen in our community. I've been involved with censuses in the past and it's a lot of work to make sure you get every resident," Hauch added.
Often times, the census staff would need to return to houses multiple times for information .
"I'm just thankful to those folks for their time, commitment and effort in making our community better."
With the town growing, council is focused on finding ways to make Bruderheim sustainable for the future. The growth does help bring in more revenue for the community as there are more taxpayers.
Bruderheim is currently working on initiatives that will attract more people and businesses. Amongst other small communities, Bruderheim has one of the lowest taxes for business in the region.