More details were given to residents about a potential project in the Bruderheim area.
On Oct.9, Cenovus Energy hosted an open house which included a dinner and a presentation talking about their plans to build a Diluent Recovery Unit (DRU) just outside of the town next to their Bruderheim Energy Terminal.
The energy terminal currently has the capacity to load and ship around 100,000 barrels of oil a day, a number they are attempting to increase to 120,000. The 'dilbit' — or diluted bitumen — coming through the terminal consists of about 70 percent raw bitumen blended with around 30 percent diluent. The substance has to be shipped to other refineries, stripped of the diluent and then returned before being used.
With the addition of a DRU, diluent can be removed prior to rail loading, which will significantly increase the company's overall capacity to ship bitumen and eliminate the cost of transporting the diluent.
Construction for the project is estimated to cost between $800-million and $1-billion, and will take around two years to complete.
Over 200 people showed up to the open house and had their questions answered about what the facility would mean for Bruderheim.
"It was great. Overall, (Cenovus) received very positive feedback and lots of good questions," said mayor Karl Hauch.
According to Hauch, a construction project like this would bring many jobs to the town and attract outsiders, which in turn will help local businesses. Cenovus also estimated around 50 permanent jobs would be created once construction is complete.
The company is expected to make final investment decisions by early next year.