Fort Saskatchewan Women were recognized with Gem Bracelets during the International Women's Day Awards Gala. Photo By Kylene Bubel

The Gems of Fort Saskatchewan were recognized Tuesday night for International Women's Day. 

An awards Gala was held as part of the 3rd year running in Fort Saskatchewan.  The International Women's Day Committee invited residents to nominate a woman that makes a difference in Fort Saskatchewan.
Over 40 nominations were sent in for the 7 award categories with the winners being presented with a Gem Bracelet.

The Winners of the 2015 Fort Saskatchewan International Women's Day were:
Emerald Award for Business & Entrepreneurship----Kelsey Taylor
Amethyst Award for Forward Thinking---------------Gabriella Santana
Opal Award for Multiculturalism----------------------Lana Santana
Ruby Award for Women's Health & Well-Being------Jodi Heidinger
Sapphire Award for Volunteerism--------------------Kathleen Stevenson
Topaz Award for the Arts-----------------------------Moira Buck
Diamond Award for Humanitarianism----------------Pauline Campeau

Gabriella Santana was the youngest award winner, nominated for creating the Pink Lemonade Club, where she sells pink lemonade to raise funds for Girls around the world.

She hopes that it inspires more youth to get engaged and active to help.


Gabriella's Mother, Lana Santana, also won an award for Multiculturalism but was most proud of her daughter.


The same joy was shared throughout the evening highlighting the nominees and their stories of the difference they make in Fort Saskatchewan

Kathleen Stevenson, Sapphire award winner for Volunteerism, commented on the importance of more women getting involved in the community.


The final award of the night was the Diamond Award for Humanitarianism, which was awarded to Pauline Campeau.  Pauline was recognized for her contributions towards girls and women, having fostered over 200 children. 

Pauline shared her reaction to winning.


Most of the Children she has fostered with her husband have been girls.  She explained that these children have gifts and talents to share with the community.


The sold event was a great success for the International Women's Day Committee and they plan to have another awards Gala next year.