The Canadian Cattlemen's Association is also calling on candidates running in the Federal Election to put more focus on Agricultural Issues.

President Bob Lowe says their calling for the federal parties to focus on a Climate Policy that contains Nature Based Solutions:

"We need the government to recognize that the beef sector is a key part of finding a solution for climate change and maintaining biodiversity. And we need to elevate the ability for farmers and ranchers to participate in and benefit from investments in natural climate solutions. And for the government to push back against misguided climate policies."

He notes they would like to see government focus on increasing Trade and Market Access.

"Of course, we export 50 per cent of our production, so trade and market access are fairly huge. If you want to increase the capacity and efficiency of the beef trade potential, and continue to grow and improve access in key markets."

Lowe says the want to see some enhancements for the economic resiliency and competitiveness of the Canadian beef industry.

More information on the CCA's Agricultural Election issues can be found here.